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    One Place, Many Stories is a free online resource designed to engage middle to upper primary students in the history of Victoria, as well as other places in Australia and around the world. This resource provides students with an easy-to-use template to contribute their own historical or contemporary research and images online. This research can be pinned to layered Google and historical maps. Teachers can set up their own projects according to curriculum focus.

    Rich cross-curricular resource

    One Place, Many Stories is a rich, cross-curricular resource that can be used to complement Inquiry units incorporating themes such as:

    • Multiculturalism
    • Indigenous history and perspectives
    • Historical people, events and places
    • Changes to the landscape and environment over time
    • Eco-region diversity across Australia
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  • Victorian Children Help WWI Soldiers

    There were schools around Victoria that made supplies to support the men and women that went to World War 1 and those who died. The school children knitted socks, vests, mittens and mufflers.

    There has been a book written about Queenie called Queenie: One Elephant’s Story. The author, Corinne Fenton, says that Queenie would have walked 165 000 kilometres when she lived at Melbourne Zoo giving people rides.

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  • Queenie the Elephant

    Queenie was a famous elephant who lived at the Melbourne Zoo in the first part of last century.

    Queenie was an Indian elephant and she was six years old when she arrived at the Melbourne Zoo in 1901. When she was nine she started giving rides to visitors at the zoo. She did this for almost 40 years until she died in 1945. She used to give rides to up to 500 people every day. It cost tuppence to go for a ride on her and she made a lot of money for the zoo.

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Old Melbourne Gaol

Kids at a Victorian school making articles for soldiers, VPRS 14390

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Old Melbourne Gaol

Postcard of Queenie the Elephant, Melbourne Zoo, c.1942

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